Postpartum Support

Making the transition to parenthood easier by helping
new moms (and dads!) rest, recover, and regenerate
so they can enjoy their newborn and their family.

As your postpartum doula, I will provide physical, emotional, and informational support for you and your family in the weeks and months after welcoming a new baby. I’ll be your extra set of hands, the person who is focused on YOUR needs that day.

At each shift, I’ll work with you to assess your needs, whether you would like time for a nap and a shower, someone to make you a meal, or help with everyday chores like dishes and laundry. Maybe you simply need someone to listen to you. I can help with ALL of these things! During our time together, I’ll also be there to help you learn to care for your new baby so you can gain confidence in your parenting skills.

Postpartum Care Packages

Home Stretch: $175

There’s a lot to get done in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I can help you tackle the remaining items on your to-do list so you feel less stressed and more prepared for baby’s arrival. The Home Stretch packages includes 6 hours of support (2 shifts) for use in the last 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. I’ll help you prepare your home/family for baby’s arrival by helping with tasks like making freezer meals, nursery and home organization, preparing padsicles, assembly/unboxing of gifts, errands/returns for last-minute necessities and other tasks as needed. 

Bringing Home Baby: $550

The first couple of weeks at home with a new baby are often the hardest part of the transition. I’ll be there to make sure you have time to rest and recover, answer questions, provide a listening ear, and connect you with necessary resources as you get to know your new baby and gain confidence in your ability to care for him or her. The Bringing Home Baby package includes 21 hours (7 shifts) of postpartum support, typically scheduled over a 3-week period. 

Certification Special:

I am looking for three clients to help with my certification requirements through CAPPA. If you are willing to write an evaluation and a review as part of my certification requirements, the Bringing Home Baby package is $450. Contact me for more details.

Feather Your Nest: $775

Let me Feather Your Nest as you settle in with your new baby during the first month after his or her arrival. I’ll be there to help with newborn care (like diapers and baths), newborn feeding, your own recovery and healing, sibling care, pet care, household organization, educating family/visitors, preparing meals, and making sure you get much-needed rest. The Feather Your Nest package includes 30 hours (10 shifts) of postpartum support, typically scheduled over a 1-month time frame.

Maternity Leave Maven: $1,525

Feel supported throughout your maternity leave with 60 hours of postpartum care (20 shifts), typically spread over 8-12 weeks. This package can be customized if you would like to ensure care/support for your entire maternity leave.

Work Week Ready: $90

I can provide help and support if you’re planning to return to work after baby is born, whether you’re heading back at 6 weeks or 6 months. It can be a challenge to work all day and still tackle the ordinary tasks necessary to keep your family running smoothly. The Work Week Ready package includes 3 hours of support on a Sunday afternoon to help you start the week off on the right foot. This shift is focused on dinner or lunch prep, laundry, washing or preparing bottles for daycare, getting your pumping bag ready, etc.

Weeknight Relief: $175

As a working parent, there’s a lot to juggle in the evening, which can leave you feeling exhausted and unable to enjoy your time with your new baby. With the Weeknight Relief package, you’ll get 6 hours (2 shifts) of support on a weeknight to help you prepare for the next day so you can spend time with your baby and/or get to bed early. I will help with dinner preparation, lunch prep, washing pump parts, preparing bottles for daycare, etc.

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Shift Details: Postpartum shifts have a 3-hour minimum, though we can customize for a longer shift (4-5 hours) if that would be beneficial for your family. Shifts are scheduled Monday through Friday. Limited weeknight and Sunday afternoon shifts are available as part of postpartum care packages. At this time I am not offering overnight care, though I would be happy to refer you to another postpartum doula if that is a service you are interested in.

Scheduling: A nonrefundable deposit of 50% of your package is due at the time of booking to reserve your spot. Shifts are scheduled in the order clients book with me. The remaining balance of your package is due by your first scheduled shift. Additional postpartum care may be purchased on a week-to-week basis after your initial package is completed.